Daily sports photo #360

September 1: The shot, the scooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrreee!!!!!!

The First Flight HS JV soccer team easily secured a win against Catholic HS yesterday 9-1. Several First Fight (FFHS) players were on fire, enfuego, in Brand geraten! Truth is, they were almost there way before the game had even started. How you ask?

Because it’s H-O-T! How hot you ask?

Hot as “H-E- double hockey sticks.” It was so hot that I was the only photographer out there (not mentioning any names but the other photographers wimped out).

So hot that the game was delayed an hour so hopefully it would be cooler. Nope, that didn’t work.

But of course your humble narrator “weathered the heat” and got the shots.

Until next post be kind, be safe, and chill baby.

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