Oh no, here he goes again!

September 17: The mind’s eye can play tricks on you.

Ok. So, i got a few snarky remarks from someone regarding my post 364. I won’t say who it is but you know who you are, right, Chip? You know, the post about how I take a photo and then think of something that he reminds me of.

Well, it happened again last night as I sat on the floor taking photos of the First Flight JV volleyball game against nearby Edenton High School.

I shot a sequence of the First Flight libero attempting a diving dig of a hard spike. As I paused from the action and looked at the sequence on the back of my camera, I came to the photo above, a perfect frame of the libero as she started to push herself off the court all the while watching the action.

And there, sitting on the court of a high school gym, with all the action and noise swirling around me, I saw it. It was plain as the day when I first learned about it in high school. I saw with my mind’s eye a copy of a famous painting.

For those playing along, I’ll wait until you have some to to guess the name of the painting and artist.

For those not playing ( why not?) or give up go check this out: click here.

Do you agree or should I lay off shooting volleyball games for awhile?

Until next post be kind, be safe, and remember you can find art everywhere!

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