Cape Hatteras, Mattamuskeet: small schools, BIG hearts.

September 24: I’m starting to feel better for the future.

As you’ve seen, I’ve been shooting a LOT of volleyball.

I’ve always like the sport. Even played some beach volleyball (noticed some girl during a game a long time ago at the Duke Marine Lab that became my wife), but never truly thought that I’d much enjoyed shooting it on a regular basis. It can be very difficult to shoot based on the fast pace of the ball being slammed around, position to shoot the action, and usually awful lighting in school gyms.

Given all that, why am I shooting all these games???

The reason is simple, the girls. And the coaches.

It all started when Manteo visited First Flight. I was so impressed with the attitude of the girls and coaches that I decided to go shoot a Manteo home game. While in the Manteo gym almost every girl thanked me for being there, saying how awesome the photos are, and really just being kind – they didn’t have to say all that, most teams don’t. I’ve been back once more, so far, to shoot a Manteo home game. Great team, really hope to have the opportunity be capture more memories for them.

Next came the Camden County game at First Flight. Jeez, I was so impressed the spirit and abilities, especially leaping, of the team. Again, I was equally impressed by the coaching – trying to arrange a trip to shoot one of their home games.

Then there’s Cape Hatteras. I’ve already posted a blog about Coach Brittany and the team. But I wanted to shoot that spirit once more. So I drove to Buxton, NC (about 1 1/2 hrs away) and, here’s another post about the team and what I experienced in their gym.

Simply, it’s a good feeling to be around this team. They seem very close to each other. I guess they have to be close by default as there’s only seven players. That is, there’s only ONE substitute. The girls are always smiling (yes, you can tell even when they’re wearing a mask by their glowing expressions), laughing, are doing so type of dance “routine.” Of course, there’s coach Brittany. Always, reacting with a level of enthusiasm that if we could bottle it, we’d be done A-Ok.

And now, I need to add Mattamuskeet to the list. Mattamuskeet is another small school although for the match last night they were “luckier” in that they had 9 players.

Let’s just say that it was Cape Hatteras’ night. They won easily in straight sets. But at NO time did I see or hear anything negative from the Lady Lakers. They kept at it. The coach shouting encouragement after every miscue. Respect.

Near the end of the third set, the coach for Mattamuskeet offered encouragement to a player as she went back to serve. “Come on, you can do it, just get it over the net.” The girl simply responded – “OK, no pressure at all” in a joking manner. The serve failed to launch the ball over the net. Her teammates offered several “that’s OK,” “good try,” to the coach’s words of consolation. The set, match was over.

Team Mattamuskeet might not have displayed a lot of volleyball prowess on the court. But they certainly displayed a lot of heart. Well-done Lakers. And ditto for the Canes.

Photo (©) 2021 Richard L Miller Cape Hatteras volleyball vs Mattamuskeet Cape Hatteras High School Buxton, NC

Having been privileged to shoot the games of a lot of very fine young ladies and coaches this week, I’m feeling good. Good for the future. I hope that they all will remember this time through my photos. I know I will – thank you.

Until next post be kind, be safe, and I hope that you find something to feel good about.

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September 24, 2021 2:29 pm

What a nice story and great shots, bro. Well done! You’re a great role model… most of the time ; )