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September 25: This story is big, really big.

High School football on a “Friday Night under the lights” is a big deal all across America. It’s no different here on the Outer Banks of NC. And when you add a long-time, “cross-town” rivalry to the mix, well, a Friday Night under the lights can be a big story, really big.

I’d say that the rivalry between the First Flight and Manteo high schools is “well-established” around here. You can always expect great fan turnout at any sporting event when these two schools go head-to-head. The fans always seem to cheer louder. The athletes always seem to play a little harder, a little more spirited – but, fortunately, I’ve never seen as additional nastiness (way to go teams).

When First Flight and Manteo high schools play football they just don’t play in a game, they play in the Marlin Bowl! The winner gets to keep the coveted Marlin trophy until the next time the teams play.

The year 2021, as you know, has been a little weird. The Marlin Bowl played at First Flight on September 24th is the second Marlin Bowl of 2021 because the Fall 2020 football season was moved to the spring of 2021. First Flight secured the Marlin trophy in the first game this year (see blog post #305) with a 26-0 win over Manteo.

And the Marlin won’t be traveling far after Friday’s game because First Flight won again with a score of 27-8.

So in case you’ve missed the Breaking News update or the recent edition of the Sports Illustration magazine you now know the big story. The really big story. First Flight keeps the Marlin trophy by winning the Marlin Bowl 27-8.

Of course it goes without saying that I got a lot of great shots, so I won’t say that I got a lot of great shots.

Until next post be kind, be safe, and go play some football, maybe you’ll catch a Marlin.

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