September 27: Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.

I was able to get out and shoot the First Flight – Manteo Middle School soccer game today. It was a beautiful day to be out – sunny, low humidity, and cool. Although I knew that the sun would be a little harsh for great photography, I knew that it would be a good game because as you’ve read in earlier posts (you have read the earlier posts, right?), First Flight and Manteo are “cross-town (actually, cross-sound)” rivals. Always a good game regardless of the sport or level.

Although on this day First Flight was clearly the dominant team, it was a good game. And as always when First Flight and Manteo play, a spirited game – there was a double yellow-card given – never have seen that during a Middle school game. Cool.

Away from the main action of the ball there was the relentless jockeying of players for position. Trying to gain the upper hand. This ballet of movement revealed the physical chess game that was happening between a pair of players. Such was the case between #4 and #15. The two were always, bumping wrapping and then unwrapping arms, trying to nudge each other off balance. It was physical, deliberate, but under control, fair.

It was an entertaining game within a game. There’s a lot going on in most game fars from the local gravity-field of the ball. Ya just gotta look.

Until next post be kind, be safe, and go watch a game within a game within a game..

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Charles Erwin
September 30, 2021 7:23 pm

Hey,Rich,allow me to disagree !!All the old people are not your age !! you are young to me ! I’m a 90 year old grandpa !! ,Blake’s granpa! –still engaged in a bit of athleticism !! Your timely picture was poignant as were your comments!!!!!