I feel like Quasimodo; there’s a loud, non-stop ringing in my ears!!!

September 30: Did you say something?

Sorry, but if you’d say something to me now I probably wouldn’t/couldn’t hear it. Like a bell ringer in the tower of Note Dame, my ears are still ringing. Ringing from all the shouting, cheering, stamping, and screaming that was the Manteo High School gym a few hours ago.

I was witness to one of the best, and loudest, high school sporting events I’d ever, ever seen. It was another showdown between First Flight and Manteo. This time is was on Manteo’s turf.

Talking about a game. Manteo surprisingly took the first two sets. Then First Flight counter-punched and took the next two. Believe me on this – it was LOUD during these games, but it was about to get INSANE.

It was like Spinal Tap now had guitars that dialed to 13 rather than 11. No, wait, dialed to 15!

I started to morph to Quasimodo when hometown Manteo won the first 4 points of the fifth and final set. Things then started to get loud!!! Even the astronauts on the international space station were wondering what all the noise was about.

Then it happened. The proverbial dam broke. Manteo won the final and decisive set 15-10. The gym went crazy. The students rushed the court. It was as if Manteo had won the Super Bowl-World Series-World Cup at the same time. There was much jubilation in the kingdom.


Until next post be kind, be safe, and did you say something to me?

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