Close, but no cigar

October 17: “The best laid plans of mice and men.”

Remember last post when I discussed planning for a shot? Well, I envisioned a shot, I planned for the shot, the play started to unfold to yield the shot, I didn’t get “the” shot.

I don’t often shoot from the end zone at a high school game because it’s dark. I mean dark chocolate dark. Often a photo taken in and around the end zone at the First Flight High School field looks like a silhouette.

All that said, I was convinced that First Flight would try a pass play over the middle near the goal line.

So I positioned myself just beyond the end zone. Grabbed my camera with the 70-200 mm to capture action close to me. After a few running plays it happened.

The First Flight receiver ran straight at me, the quarterback let ‘er fly, and I let the shutter rip!

Got a very nice sequence (although the lighting was, as expected, awful).

Unfortunately, the defender stuck his hand up to block the receiver’s vision and the ball went through his hands.

No touchdown. No celebration. No shot.

Until next post be kind, be safe, and I hope that your plans work out as planned and you get the shot.

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