I meant to do that.

October 29: Whoops.

Sometimes I’m able to catch some spectacular shots. Athletes showcasing incredible talent and skills.

Athleticism, that if I han’t caught it with my camera you would never believe my story.

And of course there are times when my shots make the blooper reels. Candidates for “America’s Funniest Home Photos.”

Unfortunately, such was the case on Wednesday night when the rival middle schools Manteo and First Flight met on the gridiron.

Manteo had just scored and the coach called for an onside-kick. Actually, teams at the Middle School level almost always kick it as an onside-kick.

The young kicker called out to his teammates – “ready?” They all clapped then pounded their knee pads once in unison.

The kicker approached the ball intending to just barely kick it about one third of the ways from the top so that the ball would go spinning head-over-heels towards the other team.

But……… he hit the ball “just a bit too high,” barely knocking the ball off the tee. But he did “kick” it.

And the ball just flopped over. Hmmmmm, I guess it goes in the record books as a 6″ kickoff, no return. First Flight’s ball.

Until next time, be safe, be kind and I hope that your aim is true.

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