Whew, we made it. Happy New Year – Welcome to 2022!!!

January 02: Photos should be printed and hung on a wall.

What will the New Year Bring?

I’ve never been big on making New Year resolutions. That said, I do have some stuff that I hope will happen this year including a few new goals for my photography.

Looking back on 2021 I’d have to say that it was a pretty good year. I certainly didn’t get to travel as much as I had hoped, but I was able to travel and shoot both the Conference Carolinas baseball tournament and the NCBA World Series. Both were just what the doctor ordered.

And fortunately there were a fair number of school sporting events.

But a review of 2021 photo galleries also revealed a most sobering fact – that although my photography business did considerably better than in 2020 (jeez, I hope that we all did better in 2021 than in 2020), the majority of great action and portrait shots never found a good home. Perhaps, MANY were never seen by the main subjects in the photos.

One staggering statistic is that I shot well over 125,000 shots in 2021. Yup, that’s a lot no matter how you write it. Certainly a lot of clicks of the camera, a lot of disk space, AND an insanely amount of time in front of a computer editing photos.

So my resolution for 2020 is to concentrate on shooting only athletes whose parents preregister for me to take photos. Sort of, going on assignment and focusing on their athlete for the entire game rather than just shooting the action. This should greatly reduce the number of photos that never find a home. I may still go to games if no ones registers but with a goal of trying new and innovative ways to take photos. A goal of improving my skills and capture photos for me. So perhaps I’ll be posting about the new techniques and show examples.

Hopefully, in this way the photos will find their way on a wall and be displayed and enjoyed for a very long time.

I will also continue to migrate my site to the new site and galleries. I think that it will be a much better experience for visitors and clients. If you haven’t seen it please goto sports.richardlmillerphotography.com.

Until next time, be safe, be kind and let me know what your resolutions are for 2022.

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