Daily sports photo #308

April 12: Somethings bear repeating. Here's an article that I wrote for the local paper Sunday. The full article is at: https://www.outerbanksvoice.com/2021/04/11/first-flight-football-ends-season-with-loss-at-currituck. The First Flight Nighthawks and Currituck Knights football teams played their final game of a very unique season Saturday April 10 at Currituck. The 50-16 win for Currituck closed the book on a… Continue reading Daily sports photo #308

Daily sports photo #305

April 6: Finally. Finally. Finally there was something for the kids to celebrate. And celebrate they did. There were crazy shouts, cheering, sky-high chest bumps, running around, and a few moments of quiet reflection. The cause of the celebration? The First Flight Nighthawks football team had just defeated "across-town (actually bridge)" rivals Manteo in the… Continue reading Daily sports photo #305