Daily sports photo #1

ECU vs Tulsa March 1, 2018. Greenville, NC. March 22 - I don't know about you, but I'm certainly oversaturated from reading and watching videos about all the craziness happening around the world. Politicians that won't/can't lead; people that ignore basic scientific facts and continue to behave as if nothing is wrong; ugly, guy comments… Continue reading Daily sports photo #1

Barton College Lady Bulldogs down Mount Olive Trojans

  Finally posting some photos that I took 19 Feb. of the Barton College girls basketball team against their major rival the University of Mount Olive. Barton College won the game 80-67. Additional photos of this game will be posted at richardlmillerphotography. Send a message or leave a comment if you'd like to see more.

Barton College basketball vs rival Mount Olive

  I'm just getting a round to posting some photos that I took at the Barton College gym on 19 Feb. I was in Wilson, NC meeting and shooting with friend and fellow photographer Carl Copeland. You can see some of Carl's work here. It was a lot of fun shooting in this gym as… Continue reading Barton College basketball vs rival Mount Olive