Daily sports photo #118

June 29 - Seems like a lifetime ago. As we quickly approach another holiday that typically means baseball to me, I sit staring at the computer screen and reminiscing about days (years) gone by. I especially miss being around club baseball and the Daredevils when they played on the Outer Banks. Good times, good games,… Continue reading Daily sports photo #118

Daily sports photo #103

June 14 - A history lesson. OK boys and girls, today's history lesson is about an incredible sports show that your humble narrator, and millions of other people, came to watch and love - ABC's Wide World of Sports. Yes, sport's fans, this was THE sports show long before ESPN even existed. The show had… Continue reading Daily sports photo #103

Daily sports photo #80

May 20 - Like a parent, it's hard not to have favorites. I'm missing baseball and, especially today, I'm missing being around some of the greatest young men that I've met. THE greatest benefit of being on the field and in the dugout shooting baseball games is the opportunity to get to know some truly… Continue reading Daily sports photo #80

Daily sports photo #52

April 26 - Captain Morgan in the house. This is Hatteras Brooks, aka 'Captn. Morgan'. This picture was taken on May 14, 2016 as Hatteras tried to get some relief from the hot sun and humidity in Martinsville, Virginia. It was game 2 for the ECU Club pirates in the NCBA (National Club Baseball Association)… Continue reading Daily sports photo #52